Into the life of an ordinary senior student


Our English prof made us write a composition everything about the French literature during the 18th century. Could you believe it?

Oh well, aside from my full name, year and section, date, and the aim.. my paper was half-empty for the first fifty minutes. Good thing I was able to bring back my sanity the minute I heard that there's only ten minutes left before the submission time.

You could only have one wild guess what I wrote in there. And I could feel that what you were thinking first was right.


Dull logarithmic equations.
Supah silent seatmate.
Messing HP calculator.
Time-consuming lectures that could rival the Great Wall of China.
An annoying seatwork.
An empty stomach.

And if only it could talk, it would say: "Wanna have that tuna sandwich and that mineral water! Canteen here I comes!"

I haven't eaten my lunch that time when in fact it's almost two in the afternoon. I was really hungry. Soooo hungry that I could eat a whole boar in front of me.

Bad thing, my hog-like classmate is two rows and four seats from me. Really bad. =(


I directly went to the locker room to put my English and Math books and notebooks.

I waited for Anna May to come out to the comfort room.

I paid my younger brother's tuition fee on the accounting office.

I went to our English prof's table to submit our informal themes to him. And guess what he said?

"Find a rubber band to compile them all in one place. Mamaya kakalat iyan."


He gave me the job of collecting the informal themes. That was semi-aight. But making me feel obliged to find some damn rubber band?? Geez.. Abuso na talaga iyan!

The worst thing: I wasn't able to eat some goddamn food! **eyeballs rolling**


Our Science prof, Mr. Navarro, discussed the introduction about electricity. I felt I came back to my elementary years where protons and electrons are pretty abundant. Haha..

Seriously speaking, I'm not into Physics. But since it's a two-unit subject, I really need to learn liking it. Or else my greatest nightmare would come: to flunk a subject.

**knock on wood**

Puh-lease! I'm a graduating student. The word flunking is far from my mind.


Social Science was my fave since I started highschool. I'm a walking memory. I love memorizing.

Dates.. Famous people.. Places.. Historical events.. You name it.

World History was actually my favorite when I was a junior student. But now, I changed my mind.

Economics as a subject is awful. Aside from the fact that production, consumption and distribution was said a million times already, I find Eco as mind-numbing. Calculations are easy as one, two & three that it doesn't give any thrill anymore.

Maybe, I'm not having a full-blast smartness here. But I'm just stating the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. Amen to that!


Still the same.

Well, when will it not be the same? It's always the same.

Lectures, discussions, projects and scrapbooking. Aside from that, no more else. Pretty boring. Yet somehow interesting as a subject.

How ironic.


Since, Filipino time ito, I'm required to speak in pure Tagalog. Hehe..

Walang magandang maipamamahagi. Nagsagot lang kami sa libro. Isinulat namin sa kuwaderno. Gamit ang bolpeng may tinta syempre pa. Kaya nga lang ay dinaldal ako ng aking katabi, si Hanz nga. Nagkwentuhan lang yata kami buong peryud (hehe.. di ko alam iyong mismong Tagalog. Ipagpaumanhin. Pasensiya.) ng Filipino. Kaya ng magpasahan na ay nagkanda-baliw-baliw ako sa katatapos ng gawaing pang-upuan. Nakakaasar! Pero okay lang. Masaya naman ang naging kwentuhan. Hanggang dito na lang. Malapit na akong magawan ng monumento. Baka matalo ko si Gat Jose Rizal sa pananagalog.

Whew! I could still feel my brain perspire. Lol!
Anyways, I decided to make Taglish as my mother tongue. Kasi it's easier to say everything I wanted to say kapag Taglish.

Final Verdict : This is one hell of a bunkum post.

I'm in my usual SABOG mode because it's past midnight already. Oh sorry if I forgot to warning y'all before you read this blog.

But then, what the hell! You had read it anyway. Till next time.. Hasta la vista, girl friends and boy friends!