I'm bored.. what do ya expect?

Since, I can't find something worthwhile doing...

I just copied the questions I got from my Friendster bulletin board.

Name the last three things you have bought:
-->footlong hotdog, coke, and 1/4 illustration board

Name three drinks you regularly drink:
-->mineral water, softdrinks, iced tea

Last time you actually cried:
-->last night...

What's in your CD player:
-->a Maroon 5 cd

What's under your bed:

What time did you wake up today:
-->8:00 am

Current clothes:
-->pink blouse and white capri pants

Current desktop picture:
-->see my header... I copied it and set as wallpaper.

Current worry:
-->I'll have my very first absent tomorrow because of check-up

Current hate:

Most favorite place:
-->my room

Least favorite place:

Could you play an instrument:

Favorite color:

How tall are you:
-->about 5'1...

Current favorite word:

One person from your past whom you wish you could go back and talk to:

Favorite day:

Where would you like to go now:
-->bed (wanted to get some zzzzz's...)

Where do you want to live when you get married:
-->Paris or New York

Favorite food:

Color of most clothes you own:
-->dark colors

Number of pillows you sleep with:
-->just three

What do you wear when you go to sleep:
-->typical sleepwear... a tee and pajama

What were you doing 12AM last night:
-->editing this site, sountrippin', breathing

How old will you be after 10 yrs:
-->hmmm... 25 y/o

What do you think you'll be doing 10 years from now:
-->working abroad and enjoying myself to the fullest

Do you have braces:

Are you paranoid:

Do you burn or tan:
-->huh? my skin color is tan already.. heller!

What is the brand of your wallet:

Color of your alarm clock:
-->grayish, I think...

Your hair:

Brand of computer:

Brand of notebook:

First real memory of something:
-->hmmm.. got a bad memory! forgotten... sorry!

First screen name:
-->funk_zyde still.. I was a part of a clan on fuse about two years ago.

First piercing/tattoo:
-->on piercing: just ears... on tattoo: never thought of it..

First enemy:
-->maybe, there was someone way back my childhood years.. but that was centuries ago! so I dunno...

Last person you yelled at:
-->my younger bro

Last crush:

Last disappointment:
-->Him for not making the moves

Last thing you wrote:

Last ice cream eaten:

Last CD/song played:
-->Goodbye to You by Michelle Branch

Last thing you ate:
-->food =)

Last annoyance:
-->my younger bro

Last words spoken:
:-->haaaaayy!! one last more!

...Finished!! Whew... I'm so sleepy...

I need to sleep now...