This is my idea of a long post

Oh well. This is already a long post for me. And I can't think of anything much longer than this in the very near future. (Since sembreak means I'll be staying in our house more often.)

But then you will really never know, you know.

I just remembered that I must thank the person who made the Hello Garci tape.

Got curious for my sudden appreciation for the sound clip?

Oh gawd. Ahm. People (especially the pro-GMA ones), before any violent reactions. Let me just clear one thing. This is not a post regarding the very essence of any political stuff. Period.

You see, I have a great difficulty on waking up early. Blame it on the soft bed, nice dreams, super tiring yesterday. Or in short: Blame it on the great atmosphere which a new day brings.

The night before last night, I decided to change my clock alarm tone in my cellphone. I am not using a real alarm clock since it can not wake me up (honestly). I dunno, maybe it is because the sound is really not that persistent. So I opt for my phone instead. But just the same..

Yeah alright. It could wake me up. But then, the sound just passes my left ear then out to my right.

So a new idea came to my mind. All I need is a sound clip that is very much "alive". As in very much maingay.

Fortunately, as I browse my collection of sound clips, I saw my Hello Garci wav tone. Funny, I reckon I only saved it because I only wanted to show the clip to my father (if there is one thing he can not live without.. it would be news! On the television while he is surfing the net.. on the radio while he is in the comfort room.. on his car while he is driving into his office or back home. Name it. He is really into news. Super.).

Geez. Back to the controversial sound clip. Actually, I never thought it would stay on my gallery for so long. It was been four months already right?

But I am quite happy I did not delete it. Believe it or not, I am now using it as my alarm clock tone. And you are wondering what is my first experience of using it?

I woke up at the right time yesterday morning. I set my alarm clock at 6 am since I should be at school before 8 am. We had a culminating activity for CWTS yesterday. But as usual, I was late. Maybe I woke up early, but old habits never die hard.. I left our house thirty minutes before 8 in the morning.

Would you fuckingly believe it? Trip to school usually last an hour kapag nagko-commute. Or 40 minutes if may car. Wahaha..

Always late.

Another BE Moderator:

Hmm.. some of my thoughts:

Some of that text is just too small... I can read it, but it is hard on the eyes. I think you do OK on your English especially for one who says they aren't that comfy in using it... so don't worry so much about what others think. IMO, a typo here and there in a post is OK because no one is perfect... I know I have typos just because I'm too lazy to spell check and even spell check isn't always correct.

The header image... I'd either:
A) make it smaller
B) compress it so it loads faster or;
C) have it be more than one image so it loads faster

And one more, I'd make less posts appear on the main page so it isn't so long...

I got my blog reviewed by PM, one of the moderators on BlogExplosion. Her constructive tips about improving my blog were great. Honestly, I did what she adviced (the last one). I changed the how many entries you want to appear on your blog? from 12 posts to 10 posts. Hehe..

The header image? I am still finding that extra time so that I could make a new one. My friend said that the header image is like a summary of what kind of blog you have. I only wished my next one is better from what I have right now. (I also suck at graphics. You are not alone, Patrick!) At the very top, you could see my favorite motto. It can be read (I know!) but not that clearly.

You see, I am still in the process of knowing the right look for my blog. Waaaah. I am not using the term perfect again, aight? Because.. Sheesh.

Come on guys! Let us hear it.. *drum rolls*

Nobody is blah blah blah..

Other reviews about my blog from BE people...

I viewed your blog and it's ok, however the text is too small. And like OHB implied, if you want to put up a video clip, make sure the readers can click the play button first before it plays.
I, on the other hand, followed your advice and tried redesigning my blog with a new template. Although it looked good on the preview, it tends to mix up when i type the website manually. So i stuck with the default template, which is all right with me.


This is an urban ledgend. Splitting a picture into multiple pictures will not make it load faster. It might look that way though... because instead of waiting for an entire picture to load before displaying... the browser will show the parts of the picture that have loaded so far.

As a matter of fact, splitting the image will actually increase the bandwidth and time needed to completely load the full picture. This is because each image will have to have headers that define things like size and pallete and compression, etc. Having one picture means the headers don't have to be duplicated.

For you... since this picture can't really be made smaller without losing necessary detail... the best idea would be to get rid of it altogether and make a replacement that's no taller than say 400 or 500 pixels high. If I was doing it, I'd have your blog title and that cool-looking motto, on top of a background image that's slightly faded as to not interrupt the title or motto. But, that's just me.

Those are really great tips. Too many great tips (which I am in dire need) that I am actually thinking of what to do next after I post this. First things first. I know. I know. But it is like I can not organize my thoughts right now.

So if you are a regular visitor of this page (I wished!), you could only notice small changes as days pass by since I can NOT do all those things in just a single day. I also need to eat, sleep and do my other net itineraries. I can not blog all day.

Hehe. But I can go online for the whole day. Did that many times. I am just hoping against hope my mom would not see our electricity bill for this month. She would surely scream at my face. (Oh well. That is an exaggeration.)

I just received a SMS message from Iam, a classmate:
"Classmates: attention! We are all requested 2 come to school on Wednesday (Oct. 19).. 9:00 am. That is according to Ms. Parafina. See ya there! Pakikalat na lang ah!"

Oh. There was a time-saving U with an umlaut after her message.

Wtf! Still, it does not make a difference. I am not excited. Not that I would not be missing my dear classmates (but we are blockmates for geeeez sake!! We have been together for one whole semester.. I need a break.) Yes. You read it right. I need a break. We all need a break. So why is it necessary to go to school on Wednesday?

Our grade in General Psychology is not yet complete. We still need to create a blog and post our draft in there. But (I'm asking myself) how the hell could we do that? We still have not made our draft. The complete draft for the answers in all the questions each of us wrote on a piece of paper during our very first meeting on her subject. Btw, mine was written on a one-fourth sheet of yellow paper (lol. Just taking up some extra space).

My question was: Why boys are afraid to cry in public?
The question I picked was: Why are old ladies so ill-mannered? Is it because of menopausal stage?

So now, you have an idea what the questions were like. Those are questions often known to be easy when taken from one's own opinions but when based on different pyschological theories, those questions become so difficult to answer.

I dunno who picked my question. But the would-be answer is quite easy, dont you agree?

Sembreak will officially start tomorrow.

Cool. And sooooo fuckedy-shet. Why? Because.. I would not be enjoying my very first taste of my very first day of my very first semestral break!!!!! Need I say more?

While all the other college teens will start enjoying it, I still need to go to school at seven tomorrow morning. As in morning. Morning?! Yes. Morning, dear.

Geez. Can it not be after lunch?? Do I still need to emphasize the term difficult? As in it is soooo really very much supah difficult to get oneself off from bed so early in the morning.


But then, Nini texted me. There will be a meeting for all the members of the MDC organizations (e.g. Bailadores, Teatrika, etc.). And she even said that Ate Jannica, MDC Theater's Artists' Guild president, called her. The message of the call? Attendance is a MUST! But honestly speaking, I'm actually having second thoughts of going. Bahala na!!