Gmail Invites

Since PureMood sent me a Gmail invite, I thought about other people who have none. There are still a majority out there who does not have a Gmail account. Not that it would really matter because Yahoo, in my opinion, is still the best.

Anyway, if you want or need a free Gmail (Google Email) invite, do not hesitate to leave me a message on my comment box located just below this post. Oh. And do not forget to put your valid e-mail address on the message box.

Note: Please, just please.. Do NOT put your e-mail address on the e-mail box since I like less hassles. I do not want to open my HaloScan account just to see the e-mail addresses, guys.

Or if you want, just send me an e-mail on my Yahoo account. I'll send you the invite as soon as I have the time.

Thank you.

[edited 04-03-06] NOTE: Only 14 invites left