Regular blogger wannabe

Since Sunday, whenever I visit my blog, I could feel the emptiness. You know, iyong feeling na parang may kulang talaga.

And I am not that stupid for not to realize what could that be. It was been four days since I last posted. Four days in which I could have shared my superficial side.

Well, albeit this is my blog (a phrase in my vocabulary which screams wtf-I-would-post-again-whenever-I-feel-like-doing-it). I felt rather compelled to post. (Suspect? Inner self, who else!)

Actually, I am already contented on adding new stuffs on my blog every now and then. (Obviously, you could see the results.) But do not worry, some of the nuisances will be removed.
Just like what the people of BlogExplosion said:
BE Member: An awful lot going on there with text and graphics. You should measure the eye candy with care.
BE Moderator: Yowch...auto-starting video = not cool = instant click on Back.

Yeah. I only realized that when I went to blogs of other people and became irritated with auto-play sounds. I know you also feel that. Especially when you wanted to ponder on some profound ideas being shared by another blogger, then all of a sudden a song which you least wanted to hear is being played on that page. Shit. Really annoying.

Anyway, I just wanted to hear your comments regarding the stuffs right here on my blog. Things that you like and things that you do not. Comment your worst, guys! They are all welcome on my comments page. Just avoid lots of swearing. It is kinda offensive.

So. Anyway, where am I?

Geez. Back to the real issue.

Honestly, I want to be a regular blogger. Like a one who shares his/her life frequently with the rest of the blogosphere. Not only because I get feedback upon doing so (admit it, we all want lots of sincere feedback the second we clicked publish post). But also because I want to reread the posts the moment my blog turned on its first year or even many years to come. Like for example, I wanted to know what happened to me that very same day. The only difference is the year. OMG. Is not that something to look forward to?

The only thing that stops me from being a regular blogger is the fear of being misunderstood. Honestly, I am not comfortable in using the English language. Hey, before you react, I just wanted to clear something up. I have English subject since I was on my kindergarten years, thankyouverymuch. And in fact, I love English. But then, I am just an ordinary person. In my day-to-day life, I only use the Taglish language. (For those who do not know, it is Tagalog and English rolled into one language.)

So, back from being uncomfortable, well I can not share all the ideas on my mind. Because I find it hard to put all those into writing since I need to translate it in English. FYI: Some readers do not know how to read Filipino.

I admit I am not great on sentence structures. That is why you could see lots of grammatical errors. (Hey, if you are kind and patient enough. Please care to tell me my serious boo-boo. Gosh. Thanks. I owe you two. First is the main blog comment and the second one is my grammatical errors.)

But then, I am not trying to be perfect. (The cliche nobody is perfect is in your head right now. I know.)


Since I am not required to go to school today, you are now reading an entry. (Come again??)

LOL. I told you on my last post that I got exempted on Algebra right? That is the reason why I am relaxing here in my room while facing the computer for hours already.

Update about my last post:
About Nikko? Well... Pumapasok naman siya para mag-take ng Finals kaso I don't know if he'll be able to answer all of it. I'm not underestimating him or something pero more than two weeks siyang absent. So, ayun...

Yesterday, I was late. Holy heavens! For the second time of this (Finals) week, I was late. Unfortunately, that time, our proctor, the high and mighty na medyo mataray ang dating na si Mr. Serrano, did not let us in.

Five of us came late. Five of us... Dia, Nelba, Angelica, Ryan and yours truly, stayed outside the room. Regretting why we didn't left our dear homes early.

I immediately called Ms. Parafina's mobile number. She's our adviser and she's also the MDC Gen. Psych. coordinator. Funny thing is the moment she answered my call, Ryan told me she's outside the class, I think in 205-B. Just four rooms away from us.

I cancelled the call. If there's one thing I despise reading, it would be "check operator services". I don't have regular load on my Sun number that's why I still need to change sim to be able to use my Globe.

We approached Ms. Parafina quickly. While hoping that the proctor inside the room 209-B would still let us in if we would just let her talk to him. She's our Gen. Psych. coordinator for crying out loud. Maybe, Mr. Serrano would be considerate enough. (We wished!)

But Ms. Parafina was firm in saying she couldn't let us take the exam since the proctor did not let us get inside. It's the management's rule. And that a rule will always be a rule.

But then, when a door closes, another is opened. She also said I got exempted on General Psychology since I got a flat one midterm grade on her subject. Cool. At least, there will be no worry of paying a hundred and fifty just to take a special exam next Monday. But she quickly added, she still need to meet the other four in front of CAS to know who else was exempted.

Anyway, after we finished the exam on Theology, me and Jecha went to SM Sucat. I still have to tutor her on Algebra. (Geez. I just wished Jecha will do great.) Their exam for Algebra is today. 11:30 to 1 pm.

We ate our lunch in McDonald's. There, in between eating my Savory Beef Rice, I explained to her the basics of ratio and proportion... the conversion of units from minims to fluid ounces, fluid drams to pints, etc.

Then, after the tutoring session, we went window shopping. There's this thrill I get whenever I'm going from a boutique to another even without buying a thing. But when I saw a pair of doll shoes displayed on its holy glory, I instantly forgot the shitness of the term "save" since the price really screamed SALE on the top of its tag. It only costs three hundred bucks. And it's not just a pair of black doll shoes. It's flat (normally), and Jecha even said it's a great match to my uniform: white long-sleeved blouse and white pencil cut skirt (or was the style really pencil cut? Geez. I don't know how to describe the skirt. But if you happen to know some MDC girls who are wearing it, then you have an idea).

Maybe.. Right now, my wallet is short of 300 freakin pesos. But I'm definitely not disappointed. At least, I have my third leather shoes for this semester. *winks*