I am sick


Since the other day, my trusty hankies (and thin towels) are my constant companions. I have been blowing my nose like hell a hundred times an hour. Gross. Oh and not to mention the fact that my nose feels like hell already. Bloody hell from too much blowing. Ugh.

And what made things even worst? I have this my-head-is-being-squeezed-like-a-grape kind of pain. Feck. Good thing, I still could see the letters I type on the screen. I really feel dizzy right now.

I consulted The A-Z of First Aid and Family Health awhile ago. It said I have a sinus headache. Not that the book really talked to me as I opened it, but you know what I mean.

"This type of headache is a symptom of a larger ailment-sinusitis. Its causes-sinus infection, blocked nasal passages and a deviated septum-are better treated by a doctor. "

All understood except the last one. I had not a single clue what septum was (and to think I am taking up Nursing) so I opened Mr. Webster.

"Septum - a partition separating two cavities (e.g. the nostrils) or masses of tissue (e.g. in fruits)"

As Hugh Grant would say: "F*ck, f*ckity, f*ck." Fercrapssakes.. Pa, if you are reading this, before any violent reactions on my comment box (me *sniff* grinning from *sniff* ear to ear), let me stand corrected. That could even mean "fick, fickity, fick" for all you know. *winks*

Anyway, almost everything has been said crystal clear. (?!).. I think I should move on now. This is just a flu. (Yeah right. Who the hell are you kidding with self? Right now, you got your worst runny nose for ages!!)

Oh gawd. Maybe you will be hearing from me again after four days.. Or a week perhaps. I dunno. But by that time, I only wish I am already in my "sanity". And my nose will feel much much better.

But before I end this, I just wanted to say something really nice.

In honor of not having anything to blog about aside from my usual run-of-the-mill ramblings, I think this is the right time to share with the whole World Wide Web my deep and supah sincere gratitude to the person who gave me this [freakin] cold virus.

[sincere gratitude]
Whoever you are, thanks a bunch. You will be the reason why I will get many "get-well-soons" in the future. Without you and your (freakin) cold virus, I would not be saying "I feel soooo grand, thanks" to any people who asks me "Hi. How are you?".. And the last but definitely not the least.. without you and your (freakin) cold virus, I won't be having this post. Thankyousomuch.
[/sincere gratitude]

So there.

But I reckon I am still lucky I don't have a bird flu.. Oh well, at least that is something I could really be thankful for.

Anyway, thanks for wasting your precious time reading this crap. (And sorry for the foul words. I really feel so freaky today. Arrgggggh.)

Since I have this habit of lengthening my post until it reaches the end stuffs of my two sidebar (but to my dismay, it won't be coz I don't have anything else to say aside from what I'll tell you below, so I'll just put 2 posts on my homepage just to reach or "surpass" the stuffs on my sidebar).. I just added something that you might want to try.
Got the link from Nikki's latest post. Due to my curiousity, I tried it. There's nothing really wrong in trying, you know. Anyway, the result? "Your website is ranked #9,031 out of 53,322 SiteScores!" and "Your website is ranked 29 in the world. This is excellent and shows you have an exceptionally popular website." (Haha.. The last one is exaggerated though.)

"Marketing (how well marketed, and popular the website is) --> 6.5
Design (how well designed and built the website is) --> 9.5
Accessibility (how accessible the website is, particularly to those with disabilities) --> 10.0
Experience (how satisfying the website is likely to be) --> 7.3
Overall summary score for this website --> 7.5

Not bad for someone who is just starting to be unique on the blogosphere, right? Anyway, if you want to try it. Just click here. You will be given tips on how to improve your site, etc.. Very useful.

P.S.: Oh, I added a navigation thing just above my date header in case you haven't noticed. Tell me if it is just alright. Lots of thankies guys!