Ten minutes and I'm off...

I still need to prepare. I have to leave before 11:30 am. The class would start at 1 pm.

Oh my gaaad...

3 hours to go before my first period, Logic. And I am still here in my room. In front of the computer. Blogging.

Geez. I am not even sure if the eight rules of syllogism is still stuck on my mind. Hmm... Let us see, then.

First rule: Three terms must be found in a syllogism. (whew... I still remembered!) Second rule: Neither the major nor the minor term can be universal in the conclusion if it is only found particular in the premises. *winks* (I cheated though. I peeked on my copy to finish that sentence. wahaha...)

But I will deal with the other six later.

All I wanted to do right now is go back to my bed. And sleep. I have been awake for five hours now, surfing the net.

And I still have to study chapters one to seven of Matthew for our short Theology quiz. Maybe you are thinking it is quite short and easy. Awww... think again.. The questions could be: who are the two sons of Judah? What are the gifts brought by the Magi? Who are the four fisherman called by Jesus?

And it's not all. I still have to study the outline of the synoptic gospels, and John.

But then, studying could be a lot of fun. Especially if short-term goals have been achieved. I got 95 both in Algebra and General Psychology for our midterm grade. My lowest is Logic which is 87.7

Other subjects range between 95.3 and 87.7

My parents are proud of me. And I am happy to share my midterm grades with you.

I already finished Harry Potter book 6..
I cried when Dumbledore died. But I'll share my thoughts about it next time.

I really really have to end this post right now. Till next time. *hugs*