5 latest updates about me...

1. I found a new friend online. One who wouldn't just IM you for five minutes of satisfaction (from his vocabulary). He's Nick from California. The only guy who could make me laugh big time. LOL!!

2. Sir Santana, our Algeb Prof., chose me & Nini for the quiz bee. (Couldn't believe it! I'm not really that good at Math. Good luck to me.)

3. I'm loving calamansi juice right now because I have singaw. Feck. I really need to have lots of Vitamin C.

4. I'm a self-confessed loner every midterm/finals week. And since Finals is coming, i gotta hibernate. I think it's two weeks from now. Gerdammit, really.

5. I'm so happy coz old friends are showing up. Be it on mail, friendster or YM. Oh. Missed them all so much.

Hey, I really need to end this post right now. It's already 8:35 here & my class starts at 10 am. I'm still not prepared.