I feel sleepy... *yawns*

And I still need to prepare my things for tomorrow. We'll be going to Villa Luisa, Tagaytay City for the recollection.

Geez...! I can't wait to see the wonderful sights in Tagaytay again. Like the Taal Volcano. I'm so freakin' tired... Wahaha... As always. (geez. sorry for the crappy photo. I'm really not talented at taking pictures.)

Anyway, yesterday, I was a part of Alay-Lakad. After the activity... me, with the rest of the freshman students of Manila Doctor's College, looked wasted. [lol....]

Seriously though, I was excited at first. But the moment I felt the sharp rays of sunshine, I realized it's not really something to be excited about. It was kinda boring. Even the games after the activity was also boring.

Good thing, the activities did not last too long. Soon, we found ourselves in SM Sucat. Wahaha... Me, Thal, Jecha, Mae, Madz and Nini.

Me and Madz ordered food in Pinoy Toppings for lunch. (We are really starving, you know.) The rest bought their food in McDonald's.

Since all of us wanted to save time, we decided to eat our foods inside the theater. All of us except Nini watched Red Eye while she went solo flight to watch The Brothers Grimm.

Only few minutes after seating, I felt really annoyed. After the whole movie, we still can't figure out the fact why it was entitled Red Eye. Actually, correct me if I was wrong but I think it was only mentioned once.

Frankly, it was really disappointing. In its trailer, it looks as though there was some monster inside the plane & I was actually expecting for it. But I only found myself watching the same setting for more than half an hour... The man is so pathetic while always repeating that he is able to kill Rachel's father (told ya... I didn't even know their names in the movie).

We actually went out thinking our eighty pesos only went to waste. That's why I was so glad when I saw my little brother, Tita Myrah and Tito Oseph in front of Watson's, first floor.

Since my friends were all going home, I told them I'll stay with my Tito & Tita. Good choice since they wanted to watch The Brothers Grimm.

For the second time that day, I entered the moviehouse again. (Nakalibre ako ng panood sa sine.)

And today... we just had:

A laboratory activity for Chem Lab.

A boring time in our Chem Lec period.

And ahm... a not-really-that-boring-but-still-boring time in our Filipino class.

Fortunately, Sir Flores dismissed us one hour before the real dismissal time. Good thing, there was a strike among the transportation groups. *smiles happily*