Just wanted to post this...

I don't know about you. But I was pretty amused when I read it on friendster. So I decided to just post it in here.

lol... ;)

(nicked from
thal's testimonial)

*apple of my eye
*mango of my pie
*palaman of my tinapay
*keso of my monay
*teeth of my suklay
*fingers on my kamay
*blood in my atay
*bubbles of my laway
*sala of my bahay
*seeds of my palay
*clothes in my ukay- ukay
*calcium in my kalansay
*calamansi on my siomai
*inay of my tatay
*knot on my tie
*toyo on my kuchay
*vitamins in my gulay
*airplane of my Cathay
*stars of my sky
*hammer of my panday
*sand of my Boracay
*sultan of my Brunei
*highlands of my Tagaytay
*MOLE on my Ate Guy
*voice of my Inday Garutay
*spinach of my Popeye
*sizzle when I fry
*wind when I paypay
*tungkod when I'm pilay
*feeling when I'm high
*shoulder when I cry
*wings when I fly
*prize when I vie
*cure to my "ARAY!"
*answer to my "WHY?"
*foundation of my tulay
*truth behind the lie
*the life after I die...

Got nothing else to share right now.

I'm too lazy to type. Again. Till next time! *hugs*