Random thoughts of the day

Right at this very moment, I should be on my way home, commuting.

Instead, here I am. Believe it or not, I 'm in front of the monitor for almost twelve hours straight. I got annoyed. And annoyed. And annoyed. And haven't I told you I got annoyed??

And it's all because of a collage I wanted to upload on my template. Arrrgggh. I resized it. And it remained the same. I resized again and again. Still the same. Resized it so many times until it became so small, I couldn't even see the text.

How pathetic. I'm so freakin' pissed. Really.

Oh. Change topic. Anyway, before you think of things which has a connection with the term lazy. As in L-A-Z-Y...

FYI, there was flood near SM Sucat. (so?) Gerdammit.

As I was having second thoughts of going to school... (Actually, I never wanted to go to school during a bad weather but the additional points I could get in the Finals exam for our Algebra class keeps me thinking! Feck.) The president of our class sent me an SMS (thank God). Here it goes:

"Classmates, ds is d offcial announcmnt as of 10:07 am accrding 2 MDC. Der wil b classes l8r. *sad* But (tke note) if ur location is floodd, partcularly pque, u hav 2 options 2 chuz from. Eithr u wil atend d class or not. If u chuz not 2 atend d class its also ok coz MDC said dat 8s a valid rison due 2 natural clamities. U wil b xcused on the subjects 4 dz day. But if u chuz 2 atend d class, its also ok. Actually, better. At least, ul clearly understnd d topics evn mor."

The very second I read it, I was smiling from ear to ear. Wahahaha... Thank God talaga!


Due to Thal's insistent request to see our pics from Tagaytay just this Tuesday, you'll get to see more of me. Wahaha... As if I'm that important. ASA!

Before the bus turned left, I caught a glimpse of the sign People's Park. I immediately thought that time was just a field trip, and not a recollection. You see, for me, field trips are more fun than the latter.

The bus stopped the minute it turned left. Some of us went out of the bus to take some pics.

We took pictures every chance we could get. But I think I'll post some of it tomorrow. I'm not in the mood right now.

As I was surfing the net, I stumbled upon Instant Blog Post Generator of Flooble.

"You know how sometimes you feel like you haven't posted anything to your blog for a while, and you should really get around to doing it, but there's nothing to really write about? Now, with just one click of a button, you can have a ready-to-post entry for your blog."


Today my friend and I were writing an essay about the weather in today's cut-throat corporate world. We were very fascinated by the subject, so we started telling my friend Miguel about it, and he answered:

"Damn!.. Whoa! Don't tell me you're into today's cut-throat corporate world too!"

But then when my friend and I got to the part about the the weather, Miguel suddenly got this dangerous look in his eyes. But the next day, Miguel's brother told me that the reason Miguel was so freaked out was because he had to study the weather in class. Occasionally Miguel can be quite unpredictable like that, but I need to make this work...

LOL... Who would ever use that?? So stupid.

It sucks, you know..

When I don't have the time to think of something to post, I'll just leave it as it is. I'll go on hiatus or something until I get the pieces of my mind back. *grins*

At least if a real classmate happened to drop by, I wouldn't be asked: "Airah, I didn't know we had an assignment about corporate world. What subject was that?"

Lol... And to think that the course I'm taking up right now is nursing.