I've been online since 10am and until now, I still can't make a better template for this site. I mean, what in the blazes is the matter with me??

In just less than a week, I've done 2 layouts for Blogskins w/c I also post here in my free templates site. (Awww, come on.. Why not feign some excitement for me?)

Anyway, the point is, I've made layouts for other people but I can't make a layout for myself. For my personal blog.

I've surfed more than 2 dozens of sites offering goodies (that's what they call it folks), hoping against hope I could at least get inspired and make myself a new layout. (Ah, finally.. I wish.)

Coz you know what, I think I've actually outgrown the whole purple-ish and black-background theme. This version is more than a month, and by looking at other people's layout, I think I need to embrace some change.

I'm so grossed out. Really.

So, btw, can you do me a favor?

I mean, I just couldn't google things always. I need some help.

If you happen to pass by a free site w/c offers a really cool template having 3 columns, no iFrame nor any what you call "box-box blogs", black background (solid! lol..), even though not purple.. please leave a link on my comment box.

Thankies! ;p

Me and Ate Delia went to Nuga Best, BF Homes yesterday morning, 9:30am if my memoru serves me right. And guess what? We had our first ever free test of Nuga Best NM after three hours! 3 hours!

Arrrgh. How uncool is that. :(

Anyway, it's worth the wait. They made us lay our back on a Tourmanium Ceramic Heater Mat (aka "bed") for 40 minutes.

What I love the most is the five-ball projector though. It's kinda hot btw. We need to cover it with some cloth before it can be used on any part of our body. Kewl. ;p

So random..

Anyway, just a pic of my mom and yours truly. Pah! For the umpteenth time, many were mistaken that we're sisters.

It's either I look old or my mom look young, I always thought.

Yeah right.

No way fabbo! There's no choice. Pffft.

Anyway, my Christmas was awesome.

We had a mini party.. I got most of my xmas presents from my dear aunts (father's side). But before that we had lots of games for the children and of course, for the children at heart (including me).

My personal fave was blowing of the flour until you empty the mug. It's cool. After the game's finish, we all looked ghosts.. white faces (even my ears were white with flour) and everything.

The worst part is we all puked. Ewww. The feeling was like some flour went into our nasal cavity. As in, ewwww.. Really.

Anyway, how's your Christmas guys? Was it fun?

*(edited: 12-31-2005)
*Oh. Before I forgot, happy new year guys!!