I can't believe how I barely blog. It's like I don't care about this site anymore.

I've been so busy (yeah right) like the rest of the world that I sometimes forgot, aside from this blog, I still have another place here in the web... waiting to be updated, to be revamped, etc.

You see, I have a my former blog. It was a bit more personal than this one (w/c brings us to the fact na mas close iyong blog na iyon sa heart ko).

More than a year without updates, I finally got the courage to do what I should have done long ago.

Curious? Well, it's not something to be surprised about. It's totally expected. Why not see for yourself?

Just watched King Kong yesterday in SM Manila with my dear mom and younger brother, Ian.

I walked into Cinema 6 with really high expectations. With Peter Jackson as a director, how could anything go wrong?

Sad to say, you can't please the same person everytime. And in my opinion, that appears true to Jackson.

The movie's visual effects are enthralling, no doubt about that. Local cinema can never make a masterpiece like that, at least not in the very near future.
~warning: spoilers below~

However, 50 minutes (more or less) had passed and yet there was no sight of the gorilla. I mean, that's the reason why we paid more than a hundred bucks, you know, and then, they bore us with one-hour introduction ek ek. Geez.

Besides, who would ever believe that only few people (less than 5 if my memory serves me right) had died during the stampede of the dinosaurs?? They were targeting what kind of audience? Those stupid ones? People having IQ below 50? Come on!

Some things in the movie are just crap. Plain crap. So if you still haven't watch it, good luck.

My advice is that you enjoy the visual effects and the never ending action scenes. The movie crew focused on it too much that there was so little time to solve many plot holes. Neither the explanation of the origin of the Carl's map nor how they get Kong in the ship was shown.. Too many questions unresolved.

And yet there's one thing I appreciated the most. It's the way Naomi Watts played the character. It was so real. Or maybe, it's just because of her expressive eyes. Whatever.

King Kong : stars


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My power color: yellow
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My season: changing of seasons

Just finished reading Dan Brown's Angels & Demons.

And I questioned my religion.. not my faith (unlike what other people said they had questioned).

I know very well that it's fiction, I'm quite aware of that, thankyouverymuch. Still, I can't help but wonder if it's really true that Christianity is just a pure imitation. These are some of the things that made me think that Christianity isn't really that original as it may appeared:

1. "Halos, like much of Christian symbology, were borrowed from the ancient Egyptian religion of sun worship. Christianity is filled with examples of sun worship."

2. "December twenty-fifth, my friends, is the ancient pagan holiday of sol invictus--Unconquered Sun--coninciding with the winter solstice. It's the wonderful time of the year when the sun returns, and the days start getting longer."

3. "The practice of 'god-eating'--that is, Holy Communion--ws borrowed from the Aztecs. Even the concept of Christ dying for our sins is arguably not exclusively Christian; the self-sacrifice of a young man to absolve the sins of his people appears in the earliest tradition of the Quetzalcoatl."

etc, etc, etc...

Aaaahhh.. Truly, I've mixed facts with Brown's genius in the way he narrated the story. It all appeared to be so real.

Pero ang pinaka-nakakatouch for me is this:

The College of Cardinals dropped to their knees to join him in prayer. Outside in St. Peter's Square and around the globe... a stunned world knelt with them.

Of course, you won't appreciate it if you haven't read the book. At saka iyong mga sinabi no'ng camerlengo sa mga tao.

Ah basta. The only thing I could say is that it's one of the best books I've read so far. Favorite ko na rin.

I salute Brown for his astonishing work. You rock!