Just wanted to thank somebody


Know what? I actually think that last Monday (November 21) was my worst day ever. Here are some (two, to be specific) of the reasons why:

1. My left leg fell on a hole while we were currently outside the school grounds for a tree-planting activity. Goodness. And it's all because of my stupidity. I imitated a classmate who was putting her leg on the hole and acting as if she was about to fall. How really really stupid of me to imitate that feat! Coz until now, my classmates are still teasing me about that freakin' incident. Ack.

2. We (Ross, Yhel, Jecha, Thal, Rob and yours truly) were called by Mr. Zaratan, the discipline officer to sign our violation slips (my very first one, btw). Offense: "Noisy. Playing in the Nutri Lab". Good thing, it was only a minor offense. But still, oh my goodness. Really.

The game? Monkey-monkey.

And right now, I'm sure as hell that you're thinking "what the hell was that exactly?!", aren't you? Okay. For those people who are totally clueless (& also for those who keep on pretending to be an ignoramus).. FYI, it's the "You're it!" kind of game.


So.. What are you waiting for? Laugh. Out. Loud. (!!!) I'm expecting that. But please.. just please don't flood my comment box about the crap "You deserve to get that slip. Afterall, you're already a college teen now and you should be acting a bit more mature. In the first place, who told you to join the game?? It's for kids only, blah, blah, blah..."

I've had enough of it from the discipline officer and also from the people in the guidance office. So, quit it.. please.

>The other reasons were a bit more personal. And to be perfectly honest, I don't entertain the thought of sharing it here in my blog. Too personal. (And I'm sure you wouldn't give a damn about it anyway. Since it's not your problem, it's mine... ;p)

Yayness. Bullet straight to the brain. lol..

I was on my self-pitying woe-is-me mode when I went home from school the tiresome day before yesterday. I cried after I printed the schematic diagram needed for our Organic Chemistry Laboratory. Since I'm really close to my mom.. whenever I feel the familiar "bursting point" (a.k.a. "wanting to cry"), I tell her what's bugging me. That helps a lot.

And so that day, I shared all my misfortune with her. After I finish my I'm-so-unlucky monologue, I cried again. The second time I cried was different. It was as if tons of darn things was lifted off my chest. I said to myself, "Matatapos rin tong araw na toh. Matutulog ako mamaya tapos bukas iba na uli. Masaya na ako bukas, promise."

And I was right. Coz the next day was a totally different day. I feel sooo alive again.

Maybe, just deep in my heart.. the "Never bend your head, hold it high.. Look the world straight in the eye" thing is actually not my truest motto. I now realized that those simple Tagalog lines above (e.g. Matatapos rin tong araw na toh...), that I always say to myself whenever I'm really really in my downest moments, are actually my real philosophy in life.

And I thank God for giving me the strength to stand again on both feet. Since yesterday, I'm back to my old normal self again.

A.k.a. "the cheerful one".

I saw a list on the bulletin board (near the CAS) yesterday and found out that my name is not on the dean's list. Thank God. Instead, I saw my name on the President's list. I couldn't be any happier. *grins*

And of course, a.k.a. "the crazy one". (lol.. ;-p)

Dia: "Meron ka bang nailcutter?" (Do you have a nailcutter?)
Me: "Tingnan mo, haba nga ng kuko ko eh." (Look, my fingernails are long.)

I'm so like that.. replying to a question in a different answer.

Anyway, no animals were hurt while making this post. And just 2 glasses of water were consumed during the unknown number of hours it took me to type my thoughts into words.

Thanks for reading.

I haven't eaten my lunch yet. (Would you believe that??) I'm so hungry I could eat a whole pig. Well, now.. that's an exaggeration. Oh. To hell with exaggerating things (and grammar)!!! Right now, the only thing I want is to eat. As in EAT. (Making mental note to open the fridge the second after clicking "publish post".)

Till next time. ;p