Blah blah blah and blah...

WARNING: Just a really really short (& crappy) updates about yours truly [in case you thought I'm already, well, dead].

1. Just watched Harry Potter GoF yesterday afternoon. One-word movie review: fantastic! Wahaha... ;p
2. Just ate a whole pack of Clover Chips. (so?!)
3. Just went to G4 awhile ago with my dear buddies; namely, Yhel, Thal and Jecha.
4. Just playing Alanis Morissette's songs over and over again (esp. the songs on her Feast on Scraps album *winks*).
5. Just feeling a bit tired.

Maybe, next time, I'll post something that's more "worth reading" than this. But don't worry guys, I'll still comment on your blogs once in a while.

Till next time! Still need to eat dinner. *hugs all of ya*

Harry Potter GoF : stars