Missing my old buddies...

L-R: Amay, Me, Katy & Hansy

Awww... I missed the old times.

Me and my best friends just hanging anywhere... Spending most of our time chatting about our crushes, dreams, etc...

Sheesh... College days are not yet starting but now, they're out of reach already.

Hansy went to Cagayan...

Amay is here in Pque but I couldn't feel the old aura of my room... those times when I'll just spend the whole night talking to her over the phone.

Then, there's Katy... Actually, I've never heard of her since our graduation day. And that was more than a month ago.

Oh well... Maybe there's also a mistake in my part. I tend to become (again) the lazy-assed girl I am known by my friends.

But then, that wouldn't stop me from posting my yellow smiley. Coz I believe, smileys lighten my day... :)