Past Versions

Version 1:

Haunted by Savannah aka up_in_lights. That was the same layout from my former blog.

Version 2:

Maybe by Savannah aka up_in_lights. I changed the header with my own collage.

Version 3:

I was reviewed by a kind person from BE.

Some of that text is just too small... I can read it, but it is hard on the eyes. I think you do OK on your English especially for one who says they aren't that comfy in using it... so don't worry so much about what others think. IMO, a typo here and there in a post is OK because no one is perfect... I know I have typos just because I'm too lazy to spell check and even spell check isn't always correct.

The header image... I'd either:
A) make it smaller
B) compress it so it loads faster or;
C) have it be more than one image so it loads faster

And one more, I'd make less posts appear on the main page so it isn't so long...
That review made me realize that I need a blog makeover. Fortunately, I stumbled upon this blog. I loved the neat look but I still modified it a bit.

Unfortunately, I don't have any image of it with me.

Version 4:

I experimented with CSS. And this is the result... *drum rolls* LOL!

Click image for larger view

Version 5:

Well, I stumbled upon Rachel's archives.

There's a free blog template.. and since I like her designs very much, I immediately downloaded it. And modified it a bit. ;p

I have one problem with it though, whenever I click on a short single post, the "framebg" doesn't go all the way down. No matter how many times I tried to fix it, the "framebg" still depended on the length of the post and not both the post and sidebar.

Click image for larger view

Oh, btw, I think it doesn't work in Opera. Talamasca told me:

New template huh? Nice! But when I'm using Opera, the sidebar is kinda shoved to the.... left.
So there. It just stayed with me for 2 days. But all in all, it's nice. ;p